Taco Bell Is Testing All-New Crispy Chicken Wings

The chalupa slinger is adding more chicken to menus.

Courtesy of Taco Bell

Taco Bell recently broke our collective hearts with the news of major menu cuts -- namely, the loss of those heaven-sent fiesta potatoes. And while we've still got a bone to pick with the chalupa slinger, the chain is working on an all-new item that just might soften the blow: crispy chicken wings

Though reps for Taco Bell have remained tight-lipped about the debut, FoodBeast reported the launch last week after spotting the wings at a location in Fullerton, California. According to the outlet, the test product is being advertised as "five-piece crispy chicken wings with spicy ranch sauce" for $4.99. The mix of drumstick and flat-style wings are doused with a "bold Mexican seasoning" and breading.

"We’re always innovating and listening to our fans, and chicken is just one category that we’re excited to explore further and put our Taco Bell spin on," a spokesperson for Taco Bell told Thrillist when asked for new details. Yeah, that's it for now, unfortunately.

While Taco Bell remained evasive about the rumored new wings, VP of product development Heather Mottershaw chatted with Forbes last week about the brand's plans for adding more chicken to the menu. 

"When we think about the acceleration of new trends, it’s really clear for us that it’s chicken, and that means chicken as a whole category," Mottershaw said. "We’re focused heavily in this area at the moment, so expect lots to come here." 

The chain is also planning to double down on its commitment to its value menu -- a trend Mottershaw said has been evident throughout the pandemic -- as well as vegetarian-friendly offerings. 

"We have been a haven for vegetarianism and will continue to be that. We have a lot of work going on right now to create a broader vegetarian platform, as well as specifically plant-based proteins," she told the outlet. "You will definitely see us working through plant-based proteins in our unique way. That trend is not going away." 

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Megan Schaltegger is a staff writer at Thrillist.