Holy Crap, Taco Bell Is Making French Toast Chalupas

french toast taco bell
Courtesy of Taco Bell
Courtesy of Taco Bell

You can't say Taco Bell is averse to trying surprising food combinations to create occasionally appealing stunt foods. The Bell is where you discovered Nacho Fries (which will come back this summer), Doritos Locos, Kit-Kat Quesadillas, and Skittles Slushies, among many other surprising culinary juxtapositions.

Now, the wild combinations are coming for your breakfast. Taco Bell has announced it's testing a French Toast Chalupa. The dish is among a handful that are currently being tested around the country. The breakfast item contains a french toast chalupa shell with a hint of cinnamon, scrambled eggs, bacon or sausage crumbles, and a side of syrup. It's basically the naked egg taco with a french toast twist.

If that kind of thing makes your mouth water, you'll be disappointed to know it's not a nationwide release. The French Toast Chalupa is only being tested in Dayton, Ohio at the moment. 

However, Dayton isn't the only city getting test food. Birmingham, Alabama is the new testing ground for the Queso Quesarito (two tortillas, queso sauce, seasoned rice, seasoned beef, chipotle sauce, and sour cream). Oklahoma City is getting the first taste of the Crispy Chicken Taco and Chattanooga, Tennessee is the laboratory for the Beefy Crunch Burrito. 

Nonetheless, the French Tost Chalupa is the only item that will satisfy dads who love when everything touches during a breakfast buffet.

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