Taco Bell Facing Beef Shortages Due to Quality Concerns

taco bell beef quality concern recall
Courtesy of Taco Bell

A Taco Bell location running out of tacos seems unfathomable, but believe it or not, it has happened. Now, it looks like something even crazier is happening: Multiple Taco Bells are reportedly running out of beef. 

The Mexican-inspired chain reportedly "ran out" of beef in three states due to concerns over the beef's quality, according to a report by the Associated Press. Customers seeking to satisfy a beefy Crunchwrap Supreme craving at some of the chain's outposts in Ohio, Michigan, and Kentucky were left empty-handed as T-Bell swiftly tried to replenish its stock of questionable beef. Some reports indicate locations also stopped serving chicken. Good thing there's a legit vegetarian menu

Naturally, people were upset -- and took to Twitter to express their dismay.

We've reached out to Taco Bell for comment regarding the Beef Gate 2019 and though they couldn't specify what exactly was wrong with the beef, a spokesperson for the brand shared that "a limited amount of seasoned beef that did not meet our high quality standards, so per our protocol, we immediately instructed the affected restaurants to not serve it to our customers."

Additionally, Taco Bell released its own statement, revealing that “while some Taco Bell restaurants in the eastern Midwest and Northeast regions may be experiencing a shortage of seasoned beef, we are working diligently to replenish the supply in those restaurants and encourage fans to try any of our other delicious proteins like shredded chicken or steak in the meantime. We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause and appreciate our customers’ patience.”

Updated reporting from KTLA, however, revealed that the beef was potentially contaminated with metal shavings, following three different complaints from Taco Bell customers. So perhaps the recall was for the best. 

Though we're wondering how metal shavings could have possibly found their way into beef, we're also still scratching our heads over why Taco Bell got rid of the caramel apple empanada and 12 other fan favorite menu items.

Sometimes it feels like the mysteries of how Taco Bell is run will never be revealed, and yet those Fire Sauce packets keep calling back to us. Hopefully, the next time a Taco Bell's craving allures you to the Doritos Locos Taco slinger, they'll have beef. Otherwise maybe try one the new vegetarian items.

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