Everything Costs Under $1 on Taco Bell's New Value Menu

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Although you probably don't associate Taco Bell with flaunting wealth, you have to admit it can be dangerously easy to drop about 20 bucks on a bag of Crunchwraps, Quesalupas, and burritos if it's 1am and you're not careful. Thankfully, it looks like the fast food chain is working an all-new value menu with several options for less than a dollar

The company is currently testing what's called the "Crave More Menu" in Omaha, NE, which features three tiers of value menu items priced under $1 before tax is added, according to a report by Brand Eating. A handful of the menu options, such as a Flamin' Hot Fritos Taco, a Queso Beef Burrito, and Queso and Chips, appear to be entirely new. Here's the full breakdown, per the report:

79 Cents: Cinnamon Twists, Cheesy Roll-Up

89 Cents: Flamin' Hot Fritos Taco, Queso Bean Burrito, and Veggie Tostada (all three are new). 

99 Cents: Queso Beef Burrito (new), Queso and Chips (new), Shredded Chicken Mini Quesadilla, and Beefy Fritos Burrito.

While there's currently no official word from Taco Bell on its plans, hopefully the cheap new menu will roll out nationwide sometime soon. Of course, it's unlikely that you'll see such low prices in markets like NYC, where fast food value menus are more expensive. We reached out to Taco Bell for more information. 

h/t Brand Eating

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