How to Win Your Dream Taco Bell Metaverse Wedding

You get a custom-designed and legally binding digital ceremony... and free food.

Courtesy of Taco Bell
Courtesy of Taco Bell

Every kid dreams of a wedding that involves the metaverse and Taco Bell... right?

If that describes your fantasy wedding then fear not, your moment has finally arrived. After first marrying over 700 couples at its Las Vegas Taco Bell Cantina, the chain is taking things one step further by offering one lucky couple the chance to experience the world's first Taco Bell wedding in the metaverse.

Starting today and through September 6, couples can submit videos that tell the story of their love, their Taco Bell fandom, and what their dream metaverse wedding looks like. The chosen couple will win a customizable wedding package from Taco Bell that includes co-designing wedding outfits, NFT invites for family and friends, free food, a "notable officiant," and more. The event will also be open to all Decentraland users, who can dance, take pictures, and hang out.

Despite it being a virtual ceremony, the event is legally binding, meaning you'll actually come away from the wedding married, and with a very unique story to tell. 

To learn more about the rules and how to submit your video, you can head over to the Taco Bell website

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