Taco Bell Made a Nacho Cheese-Dispensing Billboard, so Ads Are Good Now

Cole Saladino/Thrillist
Cole Saladino/Thrillist

Speaking broadly, advertisements suck, and we'd all have better lives if they were banished from the Earth. But an advertisement that dispensed nacho cheese? That would not suck. Actually, that might totally redeem ads in general. Thankfully (tragically?), that now exists.

Taco Bell has invented a nacho-cheese dispensing billboard, which is being billed as the “Cheesiest Billboard.” We're not going to call it that, though, and neither should you. Pilgrims to the billboard are being encouraged to bring any snack they wish, not just Taco Bell products. So you could bring chips, sure. But you could also bring, well, why not just use your hand?

The billboard will be operational on January 19 from 11:30am – 2:30pm EST at 482 Queen St. W. in the great city of Toronto. So either pull up Google Maps or get yourself a bus ticket. It's right by Taco Bell’s flagship Queen West location, so you could get yourself some Taco Bell while you're there. 

You might not have to pay for it, though. They'll be handing out a limited amount of Nacho Cheese Naked Chicken Chalupas -- which is what this billboard is there to advertise. If you're wondering what in the name of fast food that is, it's the Naked Chicken Chalupa with nacho cheese inside.

“Kicking off the year with a Nacho cheese-dispensing billboard means that 2019 will be as crazy as ever for us." Veronica Castillo, head of marketing at Taco Bell Canada, said in a press release. "Plus, our fans know it’s impossible to deny the appeal of warm, gooey, zesty nacho cheese, and we couldn’t agree more. Nacho cheese will be the perfect addition to the Naked Chicken Chalupa, already a fan-favourite.”

So yes, you could bring chips or a taco. But we say you take this opportunity to drink the milk of capitalism straight from the source. 

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