Taco Bell Will Likely Make Nacho Fries a Permanent Addition to Its Menu

The fast food chain is looking to compete with McDonald's during the lunchtime rush.

Courtesy of Taco Bell
Courtesy of Taco Bell

Taco Bell is home to many Mexican-inspired innovations, heavy emphasis on the "inspired" part. While some dishes fall a bit short, others serve as incredible little savory gifts from the taco Gods. Its Nacho Fries are a part of the latter group, and now the fast food chain is reportedly looking to make them a permanent part of the menu.

The new addition would be part of a larger effort by the company to compete with fast food peers like McDonald's.

"If you were to look at how we compete against McDonald's in dinner and late night, we're absolutely even. When you look at breakfast and lunch, we're significantly behind," Taco Bell CEO Mark King said during an investor event this week, according to CNN. He added that the chain also plans to "commit to breakfast" to help compete in the category.

Taco Bell has been in an on-and-off relationship with its Nacho Fries since they launched in 2018. The fried side has been added and ripped away from menus periodically with no rhyme or reason, striking fear into the hearts of fry lovers every time they roll up to the drive thru.

If you want to celebrate the chain's latest twist on its culinary novelty, it is currently available in its 7-Layer variety for just $3 right now via the Taco Bell app and website through December 21.

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