Taco Bell Is Bringing Back Nacho Fries with an All-New Loaded Version

This is the seventh time they're coming back to the menu.

Courtesy of Taco Bell
Courtesy of Taco Bell

If you've been eating Taco Bell for long enough, you probably know the drill: the Crunchwrap purveyor adds its popular Nacho Fries to the menu with a big splash, then quietly takes them away just a few months later. Well, looks like it's happening yet again. For the seventh time since first introducing them in early 2018, Taco Bell is bringing back Nacho Fries this month. 

The chain announced Thursday that Nacho Fries will again be available to order at its locations nationwide, starting July 22. Like with their previous appearances on the menu, Nacho Fries will be available to order on their own for around $1.39 (prices tend to vary) or as part of a $5 box that sports the fries along with a Beefy 5-Layer Burrito, a Crunchy Taco, and a medium drink, according to a spokesperson. In addition to these standard offerings, Taco Bell is hoping to keep things interesting with a fresh take on the fries.

Courtesy of Taco Bell

The all-new version is dubbed Loaded Taco Nacho Fries, presumably inspired by the Loaded Nacho Taco. As the chain explains, these fries come covered in warm nacho cheese sauce, reduced-fat sour cream, and a helping of seasoned beef. Judging by the provided photo of the menu item (shown above), it also appears to feature red tortilla strips and maybe a sprinkle of shredded cheese. We also spotted some green ingredients in there but can't quite make out what they are. 

And, finally, it wouldn't be a proper Nacho Fries comeback without a splashy faux movie trailer. It's just part of Taco Bell's playbook. This time, we're getting a clip teasing an anime-style film titled "Fry Force." Here's how the company describes it: "The ad spot follows the story of Rei who is the leader of ‘Fry Force’, an elite group that has kept Mexican-spice-loving monsters at bay. She’s driven by the disappearance of her brother and vows to protect the world to what it holds dear: Nacho Fries. But in order to save the future of the fan-favorite menu item, she will be forced to confront her past."

The trailer premieres on July 23, which gives you some time to order up some Nacho Fries and become an honorary member of the Fry Force. Or something like that. 

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