Taco Bell's New Customizable Party Packs Will Make You a Hero at Parties

Courtesy of Taco Bell

Here's the secret to making people like you: Bring them food. It's why people like moms so much, after all, and while it's great to bring more booze to a party, the person who shows up with food is a true hero. As opposed to tequila, food actually keeps people alive in addition to making them happy. 

So here's some great news for your social standing: Taco Bell is unleashing something called a Party Pack, which is more or less designed to help you win friends at parties. They come in the form of a to-go carton with a convenient handle, so you could just get one for yourself and carry it around with you all day like a meat purse if you're less into being social.

These are meant to be customizable for a party's needs, so you can easily sub out meat for beans or change the ratio of crunchy-to-soft tacos. There are also three packs to choose from: The Taco Party Pack, with a selection of 12 crunchy and soft tacos; the Taco Variety pack with 6 crunchy and soft tacos and 6 Nacho Cheese Doritos Locos Tacos; and finally the Grande Meal, with 10 of your choice of bean burritos, soft tacos, and crunchy tacos.  

The Party Packs will be available starting on October 18, both in-restaurant and for delivery via GrubHub. And definitely note that on the Taco Bell app, you can get these packs for 15% off through the end of October. 

So go forth and secure affection via ground meat and cheese. 

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