Taco Bell Is Officially Making Tacos With Plant-Based Meat

taco bell europe test plant based meat meatless vegan tacos
Edited - Courtesy of Taco Bell

The idea of plant-based "meats" wasn't born in 2019, but the often shockingly meat-like meat alternatives -- from vegetarian sausage on our Pizza Hut pizzas to vegan KFC fried chicken, among others -- certainly took off this year. It only makes sense that Taco Bell is getting in on the meat-less action with the launch of its a vegetarian-friendly taco made with a new oat-based "meat" that tastes like the real thing. 

Taco Bell calls it the Oatrageous Taco -- get it? The new menu item is composed of a crispy shell, pulled oats (the "meat") that are seasoned like its regular seasoned beef, cheese, creamy chipotle sauce, and lettuce. This, paired with the fact that Taco Bell has one of the most approachable vegetarian menus in fast food, marks another win for those avoiding meat.

Unfortunately for us here in the states, the Oatrageous Taco is currently only available in Finland and Spain, but is slated to make its way across Europe by summer 2020. As for hitting menus across the United Sates, a Taco Bell exec hasn't ruled it out, saying, "Never say never," according to a report by Nation's Restaurant News. 

To be clear, Taco Bell has yet to announce plans to launch the oat-based tacos -- or any tacos with plant-based meats in them for that matter -- in America, but with the continued popularity of meat alternatives in fast food, it probably won't be long from now when it does.

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