Taco Bell Just Released a Burrito With Spicy Pop Rocks Inside

As an innocent child, you may have believed Pop Rocks were so wonderful they would be delicious in your dinner. Pop Rocks spaghetti, perhaps. Your very smart parents may have held you back from culinary experimentation, but Taco Bell is encouraging it.

The Bell is testing a new menu item called the Firecracker Burrito, according to Foodbeast. The monster is sure to be divisive. You can order it spicy or cheesy, and it contains rice, cheese, beef, and red tortilla strips wrapped up in a red tortilla. The spicy one is loaded down with a chipotle sauce to give it a little kick.

Here's the weird part. For a small charge you can get a packet of spicy Pop Rocks -- or, as the packets are labeled, Cayenne Popping Crystals -- to sprinkle over the burrito. The popping crystals are supposed to give the burrito a "sweet-spicy" flavor, along with the fizzy popping that goes along with tossing Pop Rocks in your mouth.

One Instagram user warns, "Don't overdo it on the poprocks, they can tip the sweet spicy balance fast."

For now, the bizarre add-on is only available at four Taco Bell stores, one of which is a location in Santa Ana, California. This is proof you shouldn't believe your grandfather when he says, "They've thought of everything."

h/t Foodbeast

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