Hurry, Taco Bell's Quesalupa Is About to Leave the Menu Again

There's no telling when the Chalupa-quesadilla hybrid will return.

Courtesy of Taco Bell
Courtesy of Taco Bell

When Taco Bell brought back the beloved Quesalupa with an improved recipe, the chain warned us that it—and its 50% more cheese—wouldn’t stick around on the menu for long. Now, it looks like it’s nearly time to say goodbye to the hefty Chalupa-quesadilla hybrid, meaning you don’t have much longer to get it before it’s gone.

On Wednesday, Taco Bell made it clear that the Quesalupa’s days are numbered, with a spokesperson telling Thrillist, “Fans are encouraged to satisfy their Quesalupa craving before it leaves Taco Bell’s menu later this month.” Later this month? Well, damn. We appreciate the advance warning, though. 

In case you missed the news a couple of months ago, the Quesalupa officially returned to T-Bell’s menu on March 11, sporting more cheese than ever within a refined construction. The big comeback marked the first time it appeared on the menu since it first debuted back in 2016 as part of a much-hyped Super Bowl reveal. At the time, the chain even went so far as to bill it as its “biggest food creation” ever.

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To celebrate the Quesalupa and its diehard fanbase, Taco Bell released an animated short film (shown above) that taps the Reddit community to bring one fan’s amazing journey for the menu item to life. The video titled, “u/Tmanowen’s Adventure,” tells the story of how Reddit user u/tmanowen “fell in love with the Quesalupa and how heartbroken he was when it left the menu.” So, when he heard about its return this year, he flew 900 miles to a test market in Knoxville, Tennessee to be reunited with his beloved menu favorite. The film features unique animations from several Reddit users.

Sounds like it's time to go for a Quesalupa adventure of your own before it's too late.

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