Taco Bell's Super-Spicy New Diablo Sauce Chips Come With a Warning Label

Courtesy of Taco Bell

Do you remember back in May when Taco Bell gave us the gift of more Taco Bell? It came in the form new tortilla chips, flavored with Taco Bell hot sauce and sold in stores. That was a nice thing. But no matter how much you've been given, remember, it's always important to have more. 

And luckily, Taco Bell is giving us more: Yet another chip is joining the lineup. They're called Diablo Tortilla Chips, based off its very-hot-indeed sauce, and they're going to be very-hot-indeed, with a little tinge of lime. The bag, like the others in the line, imitates the actual hot sauce packet from Taco Bell. The chips are also black, which, as you can see in the picture above, means they'll go along perfectly with your leather jacket, and clean any flavor powder off the jacket will be easy, so it's a perfect snacking/sartorial match.

Like the other chips in the line -- Classic, Mild, and Fire flavors -- these are vegan, kosher, and gluten-free. Unlike the other chips, though, this batch is limited-edition and won't be on shelves for long.

They can only be found at 7-Eleven in 3.5-ounce bags and will be exclusive there until October 31 (Halloween, Diablo, you get it), at which point they'll appear more widely in grocery and convenience stores starting in November, but only while supplies last. 

And when they do leave, we'll still have actual hot sauce packets, which you can manually apply to any tortilla chip at your discretion.

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