Taco Bell Is Bringing Its Steak White Hot Ranch Fries to Locations Nationwide

You can even get the spicy, loaded fries wrapped in a burrito.

Courtesy of Taco Bell

Last year, Taco Bell tested a seriously spicy spin on its already beloved Nacho Fries, piling the starchy side with your choice of beef or steak, nacho cheese sauce, tomatoes, more cheddar cheese, and a spicy ranch sauce. But just in case you had any doubt regarding its heat levels, maybe this will debunk that: The sauce blends creamy buttermilk ranch with ghost chili peppers, which have earned a 1,041,427 on the Scoville Heat Units (SHU) scale. 

And now, the Steak White Hot Ranch Fries are here to scorch taste buds nationwide. Taco Bell has brought the creation to its regular menu. Much like its predecessor, the Steak Reaper Ranch Fries, you can choose your fries topped or wrapped into a burrito. The tongue-tingling new fries are available for $2.99 or $3.49 if you go the latter route. 

Courtesy of Taco Bell

The Steak White Hot Ranch Fries bear a striking resemblance to those Steak Reaper Ranch Fries, which made their debut in 2019. The earlier iteration featured similarly hot Carolina Reaper peppers with marinated steak, nacho cheese sauce, tomatoes, and sour cream.

Taco Bell has spent the last few years testing all sorts of other fry innovations as well, including a Buffalo Chicken Ranch Fries test in Memphis, Vampire Steaked Fries in Chicago, and Loaded Taco Fries in Toledo, Ohio. It looks like the Steak White Hot Ranch Fries were just the favorite.

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Megan Schaltegger is a Staff Writer on the News team at Thrillist.