Taco Bell Just Revealed Its New Plant-Based Meat Taco

It's called the Cravetarian Taco and it's rolling out as part of a test.

Taco Bell's new vegan Cravetarian Taco
The Cravetarian Taco | Courtesy of Taco Bell
The Cravetarian Taco | Courtesy of Taco Bell

Taco Bell entered 2021 with a commitment to expanding its meatless menu options. Only a few months later, the fan-favorite fast food chain is officially ready to begin testing its first plant-based meat menu item: The Cravetarian Taco.

The Cravetarian Taco (pronounced cray-vuh-teh-ree-un) features a boldly seasoned plant-based protein—Taco Bell's own recipe—that's made out of peas and chickpeas. Along with the ground "meat," it includes shredded Cheddar cheese, lettuce, diced tomatoes, and reduced-fat sour cream, all stuffed in a crunchy corn shell. It looks just like the chain's standard Crunchy Taco Supreme.

If you order it as is, the Cravetarian Taco comes vegetarian. That said, vegans can still get in on the buzz by customizing it to exclude animal products—which shouldn't ruin the experience, considering the new meatless protein is also AVA-certified vegan.

Currently, the Cravetarian Taco is being tested at only one Southern California location until Thursday, April 29. Fans in the LA area will find it in Tustin at 14042 Red Hill Ave. for a price of $2.19.

Taco Bell has long been known as one of the most vegetarian-friendly fast food chains and it's only getting friendlier. Any location that has the plant-based protein will allow it to be substituted in any entree for no extra charge, and soon, we'll also be seeing a Beyond Meat protein reaching menus.

And just to be clear, this taco is made with Taco Bell's proprietary plant-based meat, not one that's supplied from Beyond Meat or another company.

"This new-plant based protein is Taco Bell’s proprietary innovation crafted in-house," a spokesperson told Thrillist. "The Cravetarian Taco does not include any Beyond Meat protein. Taco Bell is still working with Beyond Meat to take the time to create a new protein—different from this test—that offers a unique twist without compromising on craveability. As with other products, Taco Bell will need to test that new protein, which will occur in the coming year."

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