Taco Bell's Newest Breakfast Sensation: Croissant Tacos

Published On 10/23/2015 Published On 10/23/2015

Thank you, Taco Bell, for doing to breakfast what the 24-hour Nyan Cat did to the Internet. After the introduction of the breakfast menu last March, the beloved taco peddlers are back at it again with another breakfast taco -- except this one has a mothaf*ckin shell made out of croissant dough. Wanna call a janitor for that puddle of saliva at your feet? 

Grub Street reports that the chain is "currently testing a very basic egg-and-croissant taco in the Ohio area," making this reporter suddenly very interested in taking a quick press trip to Ohio. 

One has to wonder what's next in Taco Bell's unending quest to integrate other parts of breakfast into their lineup. Doughnuts? Crepes? Flattened muffins? Wait, that last one is brilliant. Patent pending. 

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Jeremy Glass is a writer for Thrillist and wants to be a taco.



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