You Can Get Reservations for Free Dinner in Taco Bell's Insane Test Kitchen


Taco Bell regularly previews its latest Mexican-inspired food monstrosities in test markets across the country, but rarely -- if ever -- does the fast food chain allow fans to see and experience the mysterious Test Kitchen where it all starts. That is, until now. Really. 

On Thursday, Taco Bell announced that, for the first time ever, it's opening the secret stunt food kitchen/laboratory/nacho cheese lair at its Irvine, California headquarters to the public with reservations via OpenTable. Those who score a table will get an exclusive dinner created by T-Bell's top chefs and sour cream gunslingers, including new twists on classic menu items as well as never-before-seen products and new insane food creations before they're available to the public. Oh, and probably bragging rights. The whole experience is free, although you'll have to cover your travel and accommodations expenses, according to a press release

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Courtesy of Taco Bell

"The chance to be the first to see our innovative food, where its created, from the chefs who make it happen, is a unique experience that's never been available to the public until now," Liz Matthews, Chief Food Officer at Taco Bell, said in a statement. "As a brand known for our firsts, we're excited to open our doors into the magic of our innovation and give our biggest fans an experience they'll never forget."

Reservations for the first dining experience at the Test Kitchen on May 19 will be available when Taco Bell drops the OpenTable link on May 5, or Cinco de Mayo. The initial dinner will include only 32 guests, but T-Bell said it'll be followed by a series of additional dining experiences throughout the year, meaning you might just have a shot at getting a table. Might.

Or, you can just continue eating Taco Bell's most ridiculous stunt foods the same way you have for years now: at approximately 2am in the privacy of your home or car. 

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Tony Merevick is Cities News Editor at Thrillist and hopes there's a nacho cheese waterfall. Send news tips to and follow him on Twitter @tonymerevick.