Taco John's Offers New Mango Shrimp Street Tacos

The new tacos will only be available for a limited time.

Edited - Courtesy of Taco John's

This summer, embrace the warm weather with new tropical-inspired tacos from Taco John's. The chain introduced Mango Shrimp Street Tacos this week, and the menu item is packed with flavor and freshness that will transport you to a breezy seashore with your first bite.

The street tacos are made with crispy golden shrimp, mango pico de gallo prepared fresh, chimichurri sour cream, and lettuce wrapped inside a soft corn flour tortilla. You can get three Mango Shrimp Street Tacos for $6, so not only will you get the taste of somewhere vibrant and beachy, but you’ll also be able to get full for pretty cheap.

"We had a lot of fun imagining what a street taco could be, outside of what we've typically offered, and exploring new and premium ingredients. We're excited to share the Mango Shrimp Street Tacos with our guests who like to change it up," said Taco John’s Corporate Chef and Director of Menu Innovation Brad Bergaus in a press release.

As a seasonal item, the tacos will not be on the menu for long. To find your nearest Taco John's and explore the chain's impressive value menu, head to TacoJohns.com.

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