Man Gets Shot at Multiple Times, Claims Taco Saved His Life

Hangry types know what it feels like to be "saved" by a taco. For them, rage and desperation are inevitable side effects of low blood sugar -- that's why these people frequently get selected for roles in Snickers commercials with no prior acting experience. But few can say that a taco saved them from getting shot multiple times. We know only of a Mr. Ryan Bishop.

It happened earlier this week, on a road along the desert in Tuscan, Arizona. According to KOLD News13, Bishop was driving along, eating a taco with his left hand, when the window on the driver's side window was shot at multiple times. The window shattered.

Bishop told KOLD that he was pretty sure eating a taco saved his life, "or at least stopped my arm from getting blown apart." This is because the taco kept his arm occupied, so it wasn't resting on its usual vulnerable spot on the rolled-down window. In fact, the window was rolled up to keep the wind from messing with the taco's contents. 

The gunshots appeared to be shot without serious intent. According to KOLD, the police are treating the case as "criminal damage/malicious mischief." 

Regarding the criminals, Bishop says, “Maybe they will think a little bit harder before they go out into the desert, close to very publicly used roads." And maybe, after today, defensive drivers will never again drive along an Arizona road without a taco in hand. 

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Ruby Anderson is a News Writer for Thrillist.