Talenti Gelato Jars Won't Open, So People Are Literally Hacking Them With Knives

Talenti Gelato is in the throes of a customer service nightmare. Would-be consumers of the sweet and imminently affordable ice cream are encountering a devastating setback when trying to unscrew the lids of their deserts: they won't open. Meanwhile, stomachs are empty, hands are rubbed raw, and a bunch of vexed customers are tweeting frustrated missives at the company.

First noticed by Mic, "hundreds" of customers have reportedly been complaining about the stubborn lids for months. The issue seemed to initially bubble up on Reddit, but it's recently shifted to Twitter. Needless to say, the ensuing gelato drama has gone on for a while.

To alleviate the problem, people have taken to the tool shed, where they've used about every conceivable piece of hardware to pry open the lids' iron grip. Sometimes people have hacked away at them, presumably in frustration: 

For its part, Talenti — or whoever has the unlucky task of tweeting on behalf of the company — has been responding to the frustrated customers and asking to take the conversation to a private setting. 

While the issue finally reached an apex on social media last night, Talenti provided Mic with a statement, blaming the problem on a new lid-capping machine that ostensibly does its job too well. 

"We recently got a new lid-capping machine that’s a bit too strong and hard to control," the company said. "We know that tight lids are a concern for our consumers and we’ve fixed the machine so it won’t over-tighten going forward, unfortunately there may still be some tight lids in the market." 

Whether or not Talenti's attention to the rogue lid-capping machine leads to happy customers and easily removable lids remains to be seen. Meanwhile, many pints of the creamy gelato have been butchered, and it's likely that a few more might have to meet the same fate before the problem is finally put to rest. 

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