Your Favorite Talenti Flavor Might Disappear, But You Can Save It

talenti save your fave
Courtesy of Talenti

If you sit at your desk all day counting the seconds until you can go home and crack open that Talenti sitting in the freezer, listen up. Your favorite flavor is on life support. The company has announced it will “be retiring select Talenti flavors” from its 40-flavor lineup.

The flavors will be disappearing to clear space for unspecified “exciting new innovations” on the docket for next year. Since some of the flavors will be laid to rest, Talenti has opened the process hoping people will step up to save their favorites from going the way of the megalodon. (Which is to say, it’ll go dormant for years until it has to do battle with Jason Statham.)

Talenti is asking fans to share pictures and stories about their favorite flavors on social media using the hashtag #SaveYourFave. The brand will go through the social love to determine which flavors can stay and which ones are getting the ax.

Additionally, since you finished that last pint of Almond Butter and Honey, the company wants to help you get a new pint of your favorite. It’s offering coupons for $1.75 off a pint and $4 off any two pints via However, they are unable to help you get the lid off. You’re on your own there.

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