Buy Your Cat a Wintry Home at Target to Celebrate the Holiday Season

Cats are kind of the best. They will purr next to you when you're feeling down, make muffins on your stomach to show you affection, and kill the rats ravaging your New York apartment in a desperate attempt to feed you. Though often standoffish and fiercely independent, cats deserve endless cuddles and treats for being, for the most part, awesome pets.

Want to give something to your cat this winter that will provide for them, beyond the food you already feed them and the roof over their head? How about a shelter within your shelter in the form of a ski chalet or holiday RV? Target is making cat homes with appropriate winter themes so your cat can have a place to camp out this holiday season when the rest of your pesky family members come stomping around.

You can either opt for a two-story ski chalet, an oblong-shaped RV decorated with pretend Christmas lights, or a thematic green and red pop-up tent featuring a tunnel. Both the chalet and the RV are made of cardboard, complete with scratching posts, while the tent is foldable so you can actually put it away when January comes around.

You can find these mini kitty getaways at Target. Buy one for your favorite cat or -- better yet -- buy one for the crazy cat person in your life. And if you really want to be extra, make sure you include an order of Trader Joe's cat treat advent calendar.


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Kat Thompson is a staff writer at Thrillist. Follow her on Twitter @katthompsonn