Target Stores Are Getting 'Mario Kart' Themed Makeovers Across The Country

Nintendo fans frothing over the release of Mario Kart 8 for Nintendo Switch on April 28 will probably want to expend some of their excitement at Target in the coming days, as the super retailer is transforming over 650 locations across the country into Mario Kart courses.

You heard that correctly: The one-stop shopping center will boast Mario and Luigi shopping cart bollards and specially designed “Super Target Karts” meant to mimic the autos of your favorite characters Princess Peach, Mario and Luigi. There’s also a checkered starting line at the entrance of the stores.

If your shopping experience was ever consumed by the relentless maneuvering of shopping carts, get ready for Target to literally mirror a fantastical motorway. Scott Nygaard, senior vice president of Merchandising at Target, said in a rather platitudinous PR statement: “Experience counts—it’s what keeps guests coming in and coming back to our stores. So we’re delivering the fun like only Target can, giving generations of Mario fans a shopping trip they won’t soon forget.”

Mario Kart shopping cart bollards | Target

Once you cross over the checkered starting line, motion sensors fire up flashing lights and play that familiar Mario theme song. As the Super Mario makeover is a promotional event for Nintendo, there’ll be a bevy of Nintendo-related products for sale around the store. The Nintendo Switch, which sold out quickly due to high demand, likely won’t be available at participating Target locations, although the company says it’s “working hard with Nintendo to keep these crazy-popular consoles flowing in to Target stores throughout the year.”

The starting line | Target

And if you’re still looking to get your hands on one of the consoles, you might be in luck later this year, as Nintendo is said to replenishing its stock in great quantities. 

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