Two Girls Try the World's Hottest Pepper and It's a Goddamn Disaster

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Deciding to try a hot pepper can be a funny affair until things go too far. Things have gone too far basically the moment that you decide to eat a Carolina Reaper. That's the pepper that has been confirmed as the spiciest pepper on the planet. On the Scoville Scale used to measure how spicy foods are, a jalapeño comes in with a rating between 2,500-8,000. The Carolina Reaper? That can get up to 2.2 million units.

Now... enter the mind of YouTube Lizzy Wurst, who thought it would be a good idea for her and her friend Sabrina to take a bite of a Carolina Reaper for her YouTube channel. They take a bite and enter a world of some serious suffering. Their hacking, flailing reaction is almost immediate.

It's kind of hard to watch because it's briefly funny, then it's gross, then it gets a little scary as one has an asthma attack, then it's kind of funny again once everyone is ok. And once everyone is ok, you have to wonder, Why the hell didn't you have any milk on hand? If you're going to eat the world's hottest pepper, do the minimum amount of prep work.

The problem might have been that they were over-confident going into the challenge. In the end, Wurst said, "That didn't turn out how I planned. I thought I was going to take it like a champ." As the Big Lebowski said, "Strong men also cry."

Like a weird German fairy tale, this is a cautionary story that should not make you want to replicate their actions. Watch a supercut above or get the full thing below.

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