Tattoo Artists Reveal the Strange Requests They Refused to Do

bad tattoo

To state the painfully obvious, when you're getting a tattoo, your artist is your temporary best friend. They're putting something on your body that will be with you so long that it's going to outlive you. You should be nice to them. You should tip them well. You should heed their advice. 

That last one was the topic of a recent Reddit thread. It's your body and you absolutely should have the final say on whether you're going to get a tattoo of the talking deer from People of Earth on the inside of your cheek. You can find the right artist for the job under most circumstances. But artists have seen what is tough to do, what lasts, and the kinds of tattoos that can lead to a whole lot of regret. So, it's not surprising that there was a lot of interest when tattoo artists were asked what kind of work they've refused in the past. 

The thread was titled "Tattoo artists of Reddit who have refused a client's request for a specific tattoo: What was the tattoo, and why did you refuse to do it?" A handful of people who have worked in the industry chimed in with stories that are both instructive and funny. Here are some of the best responses from artists and people who've tried to get tattoos that got denied.

A lot of the responses where about where that first tattoo was going. 

Some talked about a hesitance to do names and some of the responses were, somehow, about this...

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