Tattoo Artists Shared Their Worst Tattooing Mistakes

tattoo accident stories

A tattoo artist is an artist like any other in many ways. It takes years and years to cultivate talent and technique. However, unlike other artists, their canvas is skin, and their customers expect perfection. When you're going under the gun, you don't just want the artist to be good, you want them to make absolutely zero mistakes. 

That's fair, but it's also a tall order. Artists are human, and, as much as most people don't want to hear this, mistakes are going to be made in every line of employment.

Inked Magazine knows this, and it asked a handful of tattoo artists to talk about the inevitability of errors. It also asked the artists to share a bit about the worst mistakes they've made.

The horror stories aren't full "NO REGERTS" levels of horror, but it's interesting to hear these artists talk about the inevitably of mistakes and how their talent shines through in how they deal with those errors.

Clearly, the mistake everyone fears most is a typo. The message: If you're getting a tattoo with words, proofread that design 6,422 times. Then ask everyone you know to look it over as well. It might be overkill, but you definitely don't want to wind up like the woman one artist talks about who got an "ANWAYS" tattoo on her wrist. 

h/t Tastefully Offensive

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Dustin Nelson is a News Writer with Thrillist. He would like to thank everyone who has given him a tattoo for not making him one of the mistakes. Follow him @dlukenelson. dnelson at thrillist dot com