You Can Order Mixed Packs of Beer Not Usually Available in Your State

Edited - Courtesy of Tavour
Edited - Courtesy of Tavour

Social distancing has pushed lots of us to start ordering alcohol to be delivered instead of making trips to the liquor store or taprooms. Those delivery services put a whole world of booze at your fingertips. However, that world of choice comes at a price. It can remove the spontaneity of seeing your favorite brewery has a new beer at the liquor store or the small joy of getting to pick a new beer each time you go up to the bar. Hell, it can even be fun to wait in line for a special beer you crave.

If you're with me so far, you might be into a new offering from Tavour. The app allows you to order customized boxes of beer from around the country, selecting cans and bottles from more than 650 independent brewers. However, it's launching a weekly Support the Breweries Bundle. It's a themed box and each can inside comes from a different brewery, the majority of which you probably can't buy in your area. 

The first box, available on March 20, will feature a collection of six IPAs. The following week, the focus will be stouts. Tavour isn't sure how long this will be running, but they plan on putting together a new collection every Friday at least through the end of April.

That first box will look like this:

  • 4 Hands Brewing + Shared Brewing (St. Louis, Missouri): Street Sodie
  • Kros Strain Brewing (La Vista, Nebraska): Fairy Nectar London DDH
  • Anchorage Brewing Company (Anchorage, Alaska): Greed
  • Common Roots Brewing Company (South Glen Falls, New York): Double Pillow
  • Exhibit 'A' Brewing Company (Framingham, Massachusetts): Wandering Thoughts
  • Masthead Brewing Company (Cleveland, Ohio): Extra! Extra!

It's an opportunity to support small craft brewers and get a box of beer that contains beers you aren't likely to dig up anywhere else in your town.

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