This Flight Proves Swifties Really Are Going Global

The odds of you hearing "Cruel Summer" sung a capella by an entire plane's passengers aren't zero.

Taylor Swift is on the move, spreading her generalized but resonant sentiments of heartbreak and yearning to every corner of the globe. Swift's fans have already demonstrated a historic willingness to follow the musician wherever she goes—whether that's Kansas City or Tokyo.

And now as Swift embarks on yet another leg of her world tour, this time to Australia then Europe, her fans are continuing to follow the pop mogul great distances. The "why" of this has already been picked apart endlessly—the short answer is that after the pandemic reminded people how quickly our ability to experience can be taken, people are more willing and dedicated than ever before to make sure they experience as much as possible. For the super fans, this means traveling great distances in order to be a part of a cultural moment. For Swifties specifically, this has meant living on the high of the Eras tour as much as humanly possible.

Which is how we arrive at a viral TikTok video showing a flight full of Swifties, singing "Love Story." During a flight on Australian airline Jetstar, nearly all the passengers aboard can be seen passionately singing along to the song, holding their hands in the air, and generally delighting in the kind of euphoria one can only feel when breaking out in song in public places.

"If this isn’t how you commute to the Eras tour, then I don't want it," Maddison Olsen captioned her video, which has now been viewed more than three million times.

In one part of the video, Olsen pans to the front of the plane, where a camera crew can clearly be seen filming the entire display. Later, we see what's clearly a newswoman walking down the aisle in a crisp pantsuit.

It's not the only time a flight in Australia has been taken over by the love of Swift. On a recent Qantas flight from Perth to Melbourne, a flight attendant named Paul Pilatti led a sing along to "Cruel Summer," much to the delight of Swifties aboard the flight heading to her Melbourne show.

These moments—while maybe not ideal for anyone who isn't a fan—seem to add a special moment for all the fans commuting long distances in order to see their favorite artist. A similarly cool moment happened during Beyoncé's Renaissance tour, when a Southwest flight attendant led the plane in the viral mute challenge.

And if you aren't traveling for a major concert in 2024, but find yourself flying with a bunch of song-filled people who are, you might be wishing you could put everybody on mute. Instead, you should make sure you pack your headphones or earplugs in your carry-on, and let everyone else enjoy the moment.

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