Taylor Swift Will Be 'Time Traveling' to the Super Bowl

The singer is expected to make both her Tokyo concert and the Super Bowl the following day.

Taylor Swift is about to become a time traveler—or, well, sort of.

Devoted fans who are following the Eras tour and its many stops around the world probably already noticed this, but for the rest of you non-Swifties: Swift is set to perform in Tokyo, Japan on February 10 and, as NFL Network's Ian Rapoport explained in a video posted on X, the concert is scheduled for 6 pm local time. So far, that's no big deal.

The problems, however, arise when you realize that the day after, on February 11, the Super Bowl will take place in Las Vegas. Since the Kansas City Chiefs—where Swift’s boyfriend, Travis Kelce, plays—defeated the Baltimore Ravens, they'll be heading to Vegas for the pro football season's grand finale, and Swift is reportedly expected to be there as well.

But doesn't that sound nearly impossible, time wise, given the lengthy flight time? Technically, it is—unless you take into account the very handy time change situation we're in. According to another post on X by sports business reporter Darren Rovell, Swift's concert would probably end in Tokyo around 10 pm local time, which means 5 am in Las Vegas. With a 12-hour flight from Tokyo to Vegas, Swift would actually be traveling back in time, since Vegas local time would be that of one day before. This way, she'd make it in Vegas at 5 pm local time just more than 24 hours before the Super Bowl.

If this is confusing, the international date line concept will likely help you understand. "She does have a concert on Saturday, February 10, at 6 pm (local time) in Tokyo," says Rapoport in the video. "How in the world could she get to the game? Let me introduce you to something called the international date line. Tokyo is 17 hours ahead, that means the (Saturday) concert starts at 1 am Las Vegas time (on Saturday)."

The plan should work out just fine—unless Swift somehow runs into flight delays like that of a few unlucky passengers earlier this year. The United Airlines flight in question was traveling from Guam to Honolulu, Hawaii and it had promised its passengers two New Year's celebrations thanks to its "time travel" route. However, due to delays, the flight (which departed from Guam on January 1 at 1:49 pm instead of 7:35 am) arrived in Honolulu at 12:34 am on January 1, and passengers missed the second countdown.

If all of that sounds exhausting, just consider this: After Swift is done partying in Vegas, she'll be due back in Melbourne, Australia for her next series of Eras tour stops starting on February 16. The flight time between Vegas and Melbourne? Nearly 18 hours.

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