The Weirdest Things People in Tech Support Have Found Inside Computers

tech support nightmares

Most of us expect computers and devices to work perfectly all the time, no matter what. When they don't, tech support folks are the heroes that fix everything. It can be a thankless job, despite the fact they take care of technology that most people spend a whole lot of time on.

Handing a device to a stranger is a personal thing. You spend so much time around these items that a quick look at them -- even without digging through files -- might say a lot about you.

Maybe that's why this Reddit thread (similar to the Tales From Tech Support Subreddit) is so entertaining. One user on AskReddit asks, "People who fix computers/laptops, what's the worst thing you found on someone's computer?" The responses certainly go to lewd and dark places, but there are a lot of surprising answers about bugs and other oddities found in and inside computers too. For instance, there's the guy who froze his computer because he thought it would prevent water damage.

This is a nightmare. 

Of course, there are plenty of IT Crowd-style jokes about the common annoyances of working in tech support as well.

Have you tried turning it off and on again?

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