This Kid Asked Himself to Homecoming, Then Celebrated With Chicken Fingers

Asking someone to a high school dance is a bizarre ritual, steeped in all sorts of weird traditions and elaborate ploys. Asking yourself to a high school dance, on the other hand, is an act of genius meant only for the truly cool kids among us.

Meet Joe LaRue, an 18-year-old lacrosse player and high school senior from Ohio. BuzzFeed spoke to him about his quest to find the right date to his school’s homecoming dance. LaRue initially told his mother that he planned to stay home from the dance, but his mom had a better idea: for him to ask himself.

Ten years ago, the laws of high school social hierarchy would have said that this is a BAD MOVE. Show up to a dance solo, and you’re instantly out of place -- a sort of lonely tumbleweed drifting through a sea of slow-dancing teens who have way more friends than you.

But with the aid of social media, LaRue’s solitary move fashioned him a friggin' star. He tweeted the whole scheme, and the results were just marvelous: to ask himself, he unveiled a large sign and offered himself a box of Cane’s chicken fingers -- his personal favorite meal -- because he is a gentleman who speaks from the heart.

His sign read, in excellent pun-riffing form: “I know you’re a student section leader but Cane I lead you to homecoming?” 

Check out LaRue’s tweet, which reads: “can't trust any girls so i decided to ask myself to homecoming:))) (i said yes).”

It documents the whole moment -- from the tense unveiling of a “Will You Go Out With Me” sign, to the gifting of the chicken fingers, to the joyous moment of acceptance. It’s a damn whirlwind of emotion.

The tweet’s since pinged across the internet, and LaRue’s gotten the meme-treatment on multiple occasions. His act has shown tons of single high schoolers throughout the country that you can be your own boss and that going stag is just as cool as being the prom king. And possibly way cooler.

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