Watch This Teenage Moron Collapse a Huge Building with Just a Brick

Screenshot from Facebook

Here’s how to lose the ultimate game of Jenga: Heave a rock at a decrepit old building and see the edifice crumble before your eyes. That’s exactly what happened in this video, which portrays adolescent numbskulls demonstrating why teenage boys can’t have nice things.

What we have here are four very bad elements, or a recipe for destruction: Bored young males, a shitty old building, ample bricks, and the internet. Combining all four makes for some very entertaining theater, but also makes you pray for the youth today.

After our teenage hero makes the building collapse, he and his buddies are all sordid laughter; they’re proud of their delinquent nonsense, and why wouldn’t they be? They brought down a huge building with a brick and lived to tell the tale.

[h/t Digg]

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