The Gulf Countries Will Be Hot Enough to Literally Kill You by 2100

Published On 10/26/2015 Published On 10/26/2015

Sure, you might have been stuck in a car at some point with no air conditioning and dropped the words, "I am literally going to diiiiiiiiieeeee." But that's going to be the reality for people living in the Persian Gulf within 100 years -- just minus the scorching seatbelts.

A recent study conducted by Nature Climate Change shows that under the "business-as-usual scenario" of greenhouse gas emissions, temperatures are expected to rise beyond the "critical threshold" for human beings to live by 2100 in the Persian Gulf. The combination of 95-degree heat with substantial humidity creates this so-called "critical threshold." The study shows temperatures around 115 degrees becoming the norm for periods of time, with some areas reaching close to 140 degrees, plus humidity. Temperatures would affect Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Doha, and other cities throughout the region. 

At such intense heat and humidity, humas are unable to regulate their body temperatures, which leads to hyperthermia and ultimately death. Which is really not cool. 

Of course, this doesn't need to happen. Researchers also studied how a reduction in greenhouse gas emission could change the course of human history. The Smithsonian reports as long as humans curtail greenhouse gas use just enough that worldwide temperatures don't rise 4.3 degrees, it's all good.

Otherwise, the next century is going to be hotter than Ryan Gosling saying, "Hey, girl," and way less funny. 

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