Man Sues Popeyes for Distress Caused by Fried Chicken Sandwich Shortage

popeyes chicken sandwich
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If you're on the hunt for Popeyes' insanely popular fried chicken sandwich, chances are you won't find one now that the chicken chain has thrown up its wings and declared it's sold out for now. Yes, this is less than ideal for fried chicken fanatics, perhaps even distressing for those prone to fast food FOMO. But is it distressing enough to file a lawsuit? A Tennessee man thinks so. 

Craig Barr of the Chattanooga, Tennessee area is seeking $5,000 in damages from Popeyes because he can't get his hands on the crunchy commodity, according to a report by the Times Free Press. In a civil action filed against the company on Wednesday in Hamilton County, Barr accuses Popeyes of "false advertising" and "deceptive business practices by entity to public." Thrillist has reached out to the office of the Hamilton County Circuit Clerk for a copy of the complaint. 

"I can't get happy," Barr told the paper. "I have this sandwich on my mind. I can't think straight. It just consumes you."

Barr said he traveled to several Popeyes locations in the area without any luck at nabbing a sandwich, and even blew out a tired and dented a rim on one of his sandwich quests. Barr also claims that he was scammed. After seeing a Craigslist offer for backdoor Popeyes sandwiches at $20 a pop, he met up with the alleged dealmaker and forked over the cash -- only to have the swindler disappear through the backdoor of the Popeyes and never return with a mouthwatering sandwich. 

Now that Popeye's has announced that the sandwich is indefinitely sold out, Barr can't take it anymore. 

"It's totally deceptive. Who runs out of chicken? It's a big fiasco," he said to the Times Free Press. 

Admittedly, we have similar skepticism regarding whether or not the chicken sandwiches are actually sold out, considering fast food chains routinely take away, then reintroduce menu items to drum up buzz and demand for them. 

"Someone has to stand up to big corporate," Barr said. And apparently that someone is him.

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h/t: New York Post

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