This Terrifying Spider Invaded a Family's Breakfast And They Didn't Know What to do

In Australia, a country teeming with big, hairy arachnids, it isn't uncommon to share your kitchen with a huntsman spider. Whether they're dragging dead mice up the wall, or just sitting there menacingly, the huntsman has a way of infiltrating everyday Aussie life. 

So for your daily dose of viral terror, we bring you a recent tweet from Australian media personality Marc Fennell. Waking up early one morning, Fennell noticed an enormous huntsman hanging out on his kitchen door. There was another one lurking in the door frame, too. Understandably afraid to grab the creatures and chuck them outside, Fennell consulted his kids, who asked if they should treat the giant spiders like normal houseguests and feed them breakfast. 

It's unclear whether the Fennells slid over a plate of scrambled eggs and a bib for the spiders. The rest of Twitter pounced on the occasion to express fear, anxiety and general trepidation, though.

The huntsman is dastardly looking, sure, but it's more of an insect-vacuum than a predator that should make humans wary. Again, though, they're not the kind of creatures you want crashing your breakfast nook, especially in light of their abilities to hold humans hostage

Hats are off to the Fennells for making light of this challenging situation. 

[h/t Daily Dot via The Takeout]

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