Whoa: Watch a Tesla Shatter the 0-60 MPH Acceleration Record and Feel Amazed

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Elon Musk’s ideas are grandiose, and his companies -- like SpaceX and Tesla -- exist to break ground by way of his often wacky schemes

And the billionaire industrialist should be proud of Tesla’s newest achievement, as the company’s Model S P100D set the record for 0-60 mph acceleration in Motor Trend’s latest speed test, clocking in at 2.28 seconds. Musk sang the company’s praises by tweeting the news on Tuesday.

Tesla announced its “Ludicrous Mode” acceleration setting for the Model S in 2015, albeit only for the high-performance edition of the sedan, which hits the market at the steep starting price of $134,000. True to its name, the technology makes cars go stupidly quick. 

Here’s the larger takeaway here for car-buffs and laypeople alike: the title of the world’s quickest 0-60 mph acceleration belongs to an electric vehicle -- something unthinkable a decade ago. That doesn’t necessarily mean you can safely forget about the internal combustion engines of yesteryear, though. According to MT: “The Ferrari LaFerrari hits 70 mph a tenth of a second quicker; the Porsche 918 and McLaren P1 pull ahead at 80 mph, and these hypercars all continue to pull away at higher speeds," than the Model S. 

Motor Trend has a specific criteria for its road tests, and starts its acceleration clock “when the front tires hit the 1-foot mark,” much like the National Hot Rod Association. Given that MT's methodology is a bit different than other judges, Tesla's time of 2.28 lobs a full quarter second off its time. That's not to take anything away from the Tesla -- it's the quickest production car that MT has ever tested -- it's just further proof that 0-60 mph times are largely bogus. Still, Tesla's achievement is indicative of the blinding horsepower and torque a vehicle can employ without the help of pistons firing on all cylinders.

Score another point for Elon Musk. Maybe he really should consider selling to Ford?

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