New High-Speed Train Will Go From Dallas to Houston in an Unbelievable 90 Minutes

Texas Central
Texas Central

The world is shrinking rapidly. Thanks to technology, that tedious journey we've always known to be X amount of hours is going to shrink to the length of a power nap. This means you might have to visit your in-laws for the insignificant holidays --especially if you live in Houston and the 'rents live in Dallas -- because Texas is about to get a high-speed train that'll get you there in under 90 minutes. 

Under 90 minutes. Currently, traveling between the two cities can take hours. Houston's KPRC-TV reported that while developers are still waiting for approval from the federal railroad administration, they plan to start construction in 2020. Once they begin, it'll take five to six years. So don't panic about the in-laws thing. You have time to get a divorce.

The cost will be "less than a plane ticket," according to KPRC-TV, and, if you factor in the time it takes for you to drive to the airport and brave its many arduous security elements, it's a quicker trip, too. 

And the future brings more than just a speedy travel time. The train will supposedly have "no middle seat," reclining capabilities, and an "extra foot of legroom." So yes, you should be able to recline your seat without getting outcasted by society.

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Ruby Anderson is a News Writer for Thrillist.