Truck Carrying 40,000 Pounds of Avocados Crashes, Covers Highway in Guacamole

Guacamole is the choice dip for many, but it doesn't make for a healthy side dish when splattered on the side of an interstate highway and burnt to a crisp. An 18-wheeler hauling nothing but avocados went up in flames on Thursday after it crashed just south of Waxahachie, Texas. The final avocado tally destroyed in the blaze was around 40,000 pounds, according to authorities. 

Aerial footage of the wreckage (shown above), reveals the charred remains of what would have undoubtedly fed a small city, had its inhabitants been equipped with way too many tortilla chips. According to local outlet WFAA, no one was hurt in the incident, apart from the silly amount of avocados that were melted in the roadside cookout. 

Lest this be a reminder to drive responsibly, and that 40,000 pounds of fruit might be a heavy enough bounty to cause a problem. 

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