TGI Fridays' New Burger Is Loaded With Cheese Fries & Topped With a Potato Skin

And it comes served with a side of... more potatoes.

Idaho is screaming. American Restaurant chain TGI Fridays just released the king of potato monstrosities -- aptly named the Loaded Cheese Fry Burger. The burger comes topped with cheese fries, skewered with a loaded potato, and paired with a side... of more potatoes. 

Has Fridays gone too far this time? Maybe for the keto community, but we probably shouldn't question the brand's innovation strategy. Fridays is credited with introducing potato skins back in 1974, which fundamentally changed the way we live our lives today (few scholars have explored its role in former President Nixon's resignation). 

Now the chain is making headlines for loading its beef patty with bacon-cheese fries and poblano queso, and skewering the burger with a loaded potato skin. The whole thing is frightening in the way that love is frightening; it is so much at once that the good feeling it produces borders on nausea. 

There are also some fairly standard components to the burger. It contains American cheese, lettuce, tomato, and red onions, and comes with the hilarious addition of a side of fries (maybe go with sweet potato?). 

FYI, Fridays has an online ordering platform for safe pickups. The burger goes for around $13 at most locations nationwide, which is fairly reasonable considering it includes half an appetizer between its buns. 

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