Owning This Beer Vibrator Means You're Way Too into Beer

There are many beer snobs in this world -- some more insufferable than others. But if you're unsure whether you've crossed the threshold from "enthusiast" to "Jesus, shut UP" territory, there's a simple litmus test available today: ownership of That Ultrabeer Thing.

While confusing in name, That Ultrabeer Thing "emits ultrasonic waves at the perfect frequency to burst individual CO2 bubbles, creating millions of micro-bubbles and a perfect creamy foam head on any carbonated beer." In essence, it adds head to your fancy beer, and would sound worse if it were called "Beer dildo" or "Ultrasonic beer frother," so this seems like a good middle.

The Ultrabeer Thing is subtly featured in this ad that's trending on YouTube by Third Leg Studios, in which a beer snob, seemingly on a date, puts everyone in his path to sleep with his beer minutiae. It's a rather funny spot, and you'd only know it was promoting the wand-like beer vibrator if you took the time to read the video's description.

It's a clever bit of advertising for a superfluous beer tool -- because really, when's the last time you heard someone whine, "My beer doesn't have enough head!"