The Bacon Express Costs $40 and Cooks 6 Bacon Strips at the Same Time

There is never enough bacon. The greasy pork strips are the hallmark of any well-balanced breakfast. Most people wish there was more bacon -- some wish they could infuse it into their bloodstream with an IV drip.

If you’re feeling slighted by a dearth of bacon in your life, do not fear. The Bacon Express is here to assembly-line the process of cooking the sizzling delicacy. If you’re also kind of lazy, the contraption works beautifully, as all you need is a pair of tongs. It cooks your bacon for you, as if the process of wielding a spatula was labor intensive and fraught with difficulty.

The Bacon Express prepares up to six pieces of bacon a time. It also cooks the food vertically, letting all the grease slowly drain into a bottom compartment that you can easily remove. It’s also got “cool touch handles,” which make the machine easy to caress when you’re marveling at its sleek features.

While it's not a train, the Bacon Express will take you to straight to Swineville, USA. (Eat your heart out, Guy Fieri). It’s only $40 bucks, which is a pretty fair price, if you care that much about bacon. But come on, you know you do.

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