Montana and Connecticut Have the Most Attractive People in America


Like gazelles or the dudebros from "Entourage," hot people tend to travel in packs. Thankfully, that makes it easier to track said hot people, and the dating app Clover did just that, ranking the cities and states with the hottest and ugliest residents. Sorry, Oklahoma City. 

Clover developed a scoring system to determine an individual's level of attractiveness, then applied the scoring to user data to suss out the best-looking people nationwide. Connecticut took the title of state with the most beautiful women -- all that fall foliage must be great for the skin. At the city level, Manhattan, New York claimed the hottest women, which is really no surprise, considering how many residents are already models or can at least buy themselves a new nose.

The stats for men, thankfully, were a little more surprising. Montana came out with the most handsome men, showing that the cowboy will never go out of style. Almost bafflingly, the city of Jacksonville, Florida claimed first prize in male beauty. OK, so maybe now there are 11 reasons Jacksonville doesn't suck as much as you'd think. Who knew?

If instead of surrounding yourself with ripped and curvaceous bodies, you want to feel like a stud among those with "good personalities" (ahem), travel to Mississippi, which according to Clover, has the ugliest women, or Rhode Island, for nasty looking men. Notable cities for ugly people also include Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Sunnyvale, California; and Wichita, Kansas. Check out the full infographic below, decide whether you want to be an ugly fish in a pretty pond or a pretty fish in an ugly pond, and then pack your bags accordingly.


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