These 3 Cheeses Scientifically Make the Perfect Grilled Cheese

Published On 11/06/2015 Published On 11/06/2015

As anyone who prides themselves in making the best damn grilled cheese already knows, there's a science to getting all that cheesy, gooey, crispy butteriness just right. With that said, a new video from the YouTube series Reactions explores the actual science of making the perfect grilled cheese, and it all comes down to using -- you guessed it -- the right cheese.

Specifically, in order to achieve optimal stringy gooeyness, you'll want to choose a cheese with the right pH, or acidity level. The perfect cheeses for melting in a sandwich have acidity levels ranging from 5.3 to 5.5, meaning goudamanchego, and gruyére are the cheeses of choice, according to the video. Now, who'd have guessed basic chemistry could make you drool? 

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