Houston Is the Best American City for Getting Rich

Published On 10/29/2015 Published On 10/29/2015

All thoughts of future prosperity usually boil down to the question, "How can I rig the lottery?" But committing fraud aside, there are legitimate ways to make a living, and thus, it's only natural that financial site Bankrate crunched the numbers to figure out the US city where it's easiest to accumulate currency. Here's the answer to be read in your best Mr. Burns impression: Houston.

Bankrate looked at a number of factors including residents' savable income after taxes, job market, access to financial services, the local housing market, debt carried by residents, and educational opportunities. Houston scored the number one spot, cementing its reputation for oil company fat cats. Washington DC struck silver at second place, most likely for its wealth of opportunities to ass kiss your way to the tippy top of the political pyramid. But no. 3... well, pretty much nobody would have expected no. 3. Cleveland -- yes Cleveland -- beat out cities like New York and San Francisco to earn third place. Maybe LeBron brought opportunity back with him?

New York wasn't far off, though, sliding in at no. 5. Still, that's a pretty lame ranking for a city where everyone works all damn day. In addition, tech giant SF didn't even make the top 10, so reconsider packing your bags and placing your hopes on a revolutionary start-up that's bound to pay all your bills. 

Here's the full list of the richest, super-saver cities.

10. Chicago 
9.  Minneapolis-St. Paul 
8.  Miami 
7. Baltimore 
6. Dallas-Fort Worth
5.  New York 
4.  Detroit 
3. Cleveland 
2.  Washington, D.C. 
1.  Houston 

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