Why You Should Be Watching The Daily Hit

Do you like food encased in Hot Cheeto dust? What about finding the best new restaurants in your city? Is landing the cheapest flight deal to Southeast Asia this winter something that might pique your interest? Or are you more of a "hey, let's stay at home and watch 14-straight hours of Netflix" kind of person?

If you said yes (or even offered a brief "meh," followed by shoulder shrug) to any of the above, Thrillist's new series, The Daily Hit, is almost definitely right for you. Every day (well, except Sunday), The Daily Hit will have a brand-new episode featuring everything you care about in the increasingly wide world of food, drink, travel, and entertainment. 

This is just a small taste of what The Daily Hit has to offer. Check it out. Let us know what you think. And please remember to subscribe to our new channel. Our jobs literally depend on it. 


From natural wines to CBD-infused desserts, our host breaks down the latest food trends happening in kitchens around the country, and lets you know if you should buy into the hype, or avoid them all together. And who knows? You might decide to implement some of these trends into your own kitchens, too. (Crickets can be a great source of protein, by the way.)

Invite Only

For more than a decade Thrillist has been telling you about the best places to eat in your city. We're basically the most trusted voice in the industry (and much more trustworthy than your buddy Larry). Now, we're bringing all the can't-miss picks  you know and love to YouTube, with Invite Only: a quick hit of the best new restaurants,in your own backyard, complete with gratuitous food porn. Reserve your spot, today.



Our host breaks down the best shows and movies to binge on all your favorite streaming services. Nostalgia picks, hidden gems, and the brand-spanking-new hits that you should know about before anyone else: it's all here. Get your popcorn ready, and make sure your calendar is all clear. You may never leave your couch again.


Are the munchies real? Do oysters make you horny? Does beer before liquor actually make you sicker? On this series, your Thrillist host teams up with Seeker to debunk (or prove!) every myth, rumor, and piece of gossip you've ever heard about your favorite foods and drinks. Hey, you might actually learn something, here. Probably.

Weekend Watch Guide

Going outside? Visiting a museum? Spending quality time with loved ones? Meh. The weekend is all about catching the newest movies and shows. And on Weekend Watch Guide, our hosts clue you in on what you should be looking forward to watch… you know, this weekend. They laugh. They cry (sometimes). But most of all, they'll make you excited to watch. Everything.

Thrillist Travel Guide

In this series, we not only tells you the best places to visit, we tell when to visit. We tell you where to go, once you get there. And, perhaps most importantly, we tell you how to elevate your travel, overall. Like, how to avoid long lines at the airport. or, the best methods to pooping on an airplane. Think of us as your favorite travel buddy. A single, travel-sized serving of the best travel advice of your life. Wheels up, people. We're going in.

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