The McDude Who Eats 10 McRibs at Once Must Be McHungry

There are McHeroes out there, and then there are McLegends. 

Michael Jones is what we'd call a McWarrior, based on the video that popped up last week of the Austin man eating 10 McRib sandwiches... all at once. In a video, aptly titled "The McRib Is Back Again, Bitches!" our hungry bro quickly shoves a tasty McRib down his mouth-hole before unboxing 10 more. What happens next can only be expressed through a series of exclamations: Ahh! Whoa! Eek! Woo! YEAH! 

Jones then removes the meat portions from each sandwich, stacks them all atop one another, and eats the crap out of the monstrous Frankensandwich.

Suffice to say, the video ends with one satisfied Texan covered in tangy barbecue sauce. 


"[The McRib] is only around every so often. If it was here every day, I wouldn't have to do things like this. But it's not here every day, McDonald's, and you make me do this!"

By the way, ten McRibs is about 4,500 calories. Seriously.

Ah, to be young again.

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Jeremy Glass is a writer for Thrillist and smells like a burger.