How can such a delicious sandwich ever be improved? We think we've found a way.

Anthropologists, sociologists, and people weirdly invested in the quick service industry have long argued over a central question: What separates a fast food joint from a so-called fast casual spot?

The hurdles that stand in the way of culinary development are vast and far-reaching.

Yoshinoya helped me to recognize the balancing act immigrants perform in a new land, the same balancing act that my own family performed.

While Southern California modernized the fast food industry, Ohio has served a vital role in helping shape its offerings in the decades since burgers, fries, and the drive-thru redefined America.

Fast food restaurants are where the weirdest minor crimes, most heartwarming stories, and laughable tales go down.

Too many people have slept on this quiet chain with such an intense word-of-mouth love that it doesn’t even bother advertising.