Don't Worry, Mississippi Is Still America's Fattest State

Published On 11/04/2015 Published On 11/04/2015

As Americans, it's clear we know our way around delicious foods like pizza, bacon, cheeseburgers, donuts, and burritos, especially if you consider that more than two thirds of the country is classified as overweight or obese. But some states are pulling more than their weight when it comes to being overweight, according to a new study by personal finance firm WalletHub, which released a new ranking of the fattest states in America.

Hint: The South might want to watch what it's eating.

Mississippi came in as the fattest state, just as it did last year based on separate research. But this year, Louisiana claimed the second spot, followed by West Virginia at no. 3; last year, Arkansas was second, and Louisiana third. Arkansas admirably fell back to no. 6, but it's far from being healthy.

Along with the ranking, the study offers several interesting insights on how states compare on the issue. For example, the percentage of obese adults in West Virginia is twice as high as in Colorado, while the percentage of obese kids in Mississippi is twice as high as Oregon. Meanwhile, the death rate from obesity in New Mexico is three times higher than in Alabama, according to the study. WalletHub compared the states and the District of Columbia based on 12 weighted metrics (no pun); for example, the percentage of adults who are obese in the state. 

So, what are the fattest states in America? Check out the list and map below and the full list via WalletHub:

10. North Dakota
9. Oklahoma
8. Alabama
7. Kentucky
6. Arkansas
5. South Carolina
4. Tennessee
3. West Virginia
2. Louisiana
1. Mississippi 

Source: WalletHub
Here are the states with the smallest weight problems (it's 51 because D.C. is included):

42. Minnesota
43. Orgon
44. Vermont
45. Connecticut
46. Montana
47. Utah
48. Massachusetts
49. New Jersey
50. Colorado
51. Hawaii

How did your state weigh in? And, seriously, is there anything that's actually bad about Hawaii?!?

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