The World's Biggest Spider is Probably Bigger Than Your Forearm

Because the internet is a bastion of horror, you've probably become a pseudo-expert in the field of big, terrifying spiders. The Huntsman, a large and seemingly menacing creature found commonly in Australia, became as viral as a spider can get late last year when it was found on someone's broom and subsequently released by an animal rescue team. Similarly, a Facebook post pinged across the internet last year when another Australian man filmed a Huntsman dragging a dead mouse into its clutches on the side of a refrigerator. As noted before, the internet is a bastion of horror

Your latest dose of nightmare fuel is provided by a man in the quaint English county of Surrey, who uploaded a video of his Goliath birdeater, which happens to be a member of the tarantula family and the biggest spider in the world, according to National Geographic. Comparing the beastly arachnid with his arm, it's evident that the Goliath truly lives up to its name. The man also includes a dainty Pumpkin Patch tarantula, to augment the mind-boggling disparity between the two members of same family. 

The Goliath tarantula can grow up to one foot in size with fangs up to an inch long. Nat Geo describes the creatures as "nature's deadliest ambushers" and "killing machines." Why anyone would want one in their house is a question we can't even begin to answer, although it might be better than an army of these feisty little bastards crawling up your ankle.  

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