Get Ready to Pay $1,000 for the Next iPhone

With iPhone 8 rumors surfacing at a dizzying pace, it's likely that much of what you've heard about Apple's forthcoming device has been uncertain at best. The heralded device's price point, for instance, has been the focus of much conjecture. But a report from the New York Times suggests that new iPhone will be the most expensive version of the product to date. In fact, it'll run around $1,000 upon its September release. For many people looking to immediately score an iPhone 8 on the device's 10-year anniversary, the markup probably signals something of a bittersweet return.  

While a four-digit price tag is likely stoke the ire of even the most diehard Apple fans, the iPhone 8's enhanced specs kind of warrant such a price hike. The device is expected to eschew a fingerprint scanning home button in favor of facial scanning technology, and support wireless charging -- the former of which is a first for any mainstream, consumer smartphone. Other reports have suggested an increase in memory storage, too, with all iPhone 8s expected to promise 64, 256, and 512 GB options. That, as far as the breathless rumor mill is concerned, is really just the tip of the iceberg. 

Starting at $649 and cresting $769 for its most advanced model, the iPhone 7 was never cheap either, but Apple's newest version will come up at price 54% steeper, if the reports prove correct. Suffice it say that on the iPhone's tenth birthday, Apple is trying to further the device's status as a revolutionary product. You'll likely just be paying a few hundred bucks more as a consequence. 

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